My name is Dominick Norwood, a Interface Engineer & Designer from a small town in Illinois and this is my portfolio.

Starting my career as a humble Flash Developer in 2006 I grew my skills in the web and mobile world where I have spent the last seven years with a variety of companies, including Insite Advice, Imagery Marketing Group, Floodlight Design, and Lelander.

Inside my site you will find a variety of projects that show off my best skills such as CSS, Javascript, HTML, and Actionscript. I hope you have as much fun viewing them as I had using them.

Dominick Norwood


From small business sites to large online shopping to full scale web applications I've worked on just about everything when it comes to CSS & HTML Development. Most of my career has been spent working alongside a web designer and back-end developer to create a fully realized web experience based on somthing as small as a one page PNG to a multi-layered PSD.

For the past couple of years I have branched out becoming a designer in my own right and getting the most out of Adobe's Creative Suite. My experience with CSS & HTML has given me an edge in the User Interface and User Experience universe making me a valuable asset to my employers and clients.

Jquery & Actionscript

Throughout the years Jquery has become a solution maker for me, weather it be DOM manipulation, HTML5 creation, or mobile resposive integration, Jquery has always been there with a warm embrace.

Starting my career in Actionscript I've been able to expand and branch off that knowledge to a variety of languages but always kept Actionscript close to my side. The digital landscape is a vast and wild place that can be tamed with a little help from Jquery & Actionscript a challenge I've excepted with pride.

Mobile & Tablet

Producing a great experience for Mobile & Tablet users has been some of the most exciting work I've done so far in my seven years as a Interface Engineer. With these new devices come new challenges which means new learning experiences, something I consider addictive.

These new frontiers offer the chance to use and evolve some of my newer skills such as HTML5, Jquery Mobile, and CSS3. As the technology evolves so do I and in the Mobile & Tablet world that has made me a valuable member to any team.